My supervisor, Professor Alice Miller, suggested back in September of 2019 that the solution to proving the real-world application of my research was to develop a game myself, balance it with the clever science methods I had devised and get people to play it. A sensible suggestion given the alternatives were to either have no proven impact for my research or try and negotiate with a ‘real game company’ to have them let us use their data, map our work onto that game, and then critique the state of balance of their game. Only problem being I had no idea how to develop, promote or publish a game. A year later, having released RPGLite on mobile stores, I still don’t.

“Develop and release a mobile game? Sure I’ll give it a go I suppose, doubt it will take longer than a few weeks. wouldn’t want it to take more though, I need to finish researching so I have stuff to put in the thesis.” – An idiot, September 2019.