It begins

Who am I? What is this? And why do you care?

I’m William Kavanagh, a Computer Science Ph.D. student at the University of Glasgow in the Formal Methods, Theory and Algorithms group supervised, by Dr Alice Miller. I look at making games fun using novel model checking techniques for my research. Outside of work I am a player of games, and have been since age 4 (thanks Dad). I would like to write a book on Game Balancing one day, but first I need to do a lot of research, hence this place.

In academia, my acheivements are somewhat limited. But I’m a Ph.D. student at a great university in a brilliant department and after over a year they haven’t found me out quite yet. I went to the inaugural AI and Games summer school paid for by SICSA and others (thanks for that by the way).

As a player of games however, my acheivements are … also somewhat limited, but to give you an idea, here are some of the things I’ve done:

Why listen to me? What have I got to say?

I think about game balancing a lot, it is my job to think about it, sort of. As part of my work I’ve looked at using new tools to aid balancing and I’ve delved into why games need to be balanced at all. I do not think that I am an authority on the subject by any means, as such I intend to work hard on each post here so that they offer value.

What are you going to write about?

I want to use studies and examples to show everything I talk about. I have plans for the first few posts, but will gladly write about areas people point me to (assuming anyone ever reads this). Some of the topics I intend to cover include:

I intend to write 2/3 posts not including this one, then I will start talking about this publically and try to write a new post every month or so, to give me the time to make them (some what) good.

Soon, you’ll have your #content, I promise.